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Design vision and building experience,
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Creating your story within the walls of a house will transform it into a home. Utilizing the vision and expertise of Flying Fish Design and Build will turn that home into your dream home. Whether you’re buying and renovating a house, updating your current home, or want to design a new home from scratch, we can help with every step of the process. Our team handles everything in-house, so the process is seamless and cost effective. We also emphasize local and environmentally friendly materials, creating a smaller eco footprint and supporting local producers.

Let’s build your dream home.


Our design team works with you to create a timeless home or business design that also meets your needs. We take into account your style, functionality, uses, and budget to create spaces that are architecturally appropriate. If a home tells a story, then the design phase is where we put creative ideas on paper and find a way to weave them together.

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Experience and quality are two of the most important traits to consider when choosing a builder, and at Flying Fish, we have both. Our team is knowledgeable on the newest trends and materials, while also utilizing time-tested techniques. Every facet of the build process is handled by our team of passionate professionals. We keep the process streamlined and the quality of work high so you can feel assured.

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Renovating a home or commercial building requires expert planning, design, and construction skills. Often times, a renovation takes place in a building that is still in use and was designed with a different layout than what you prefer. At Flying Fish, we provide the vision and experience to create your dream home or business from your current space. We take care of every detail throughout the process, with full design and construction services. Whether it’s a small repair or a major renovation, our team is ready to create a beautiful new space for you.

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