About Us

Chris Clark

Owner, Real Estate Broker & Designer

Originally from Columbus, Indiana, Chris moved to Bloomington to attend Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. While attending IU, he worked at a downtown retail store which is when he fell in love with all the offerings of Bloomington and wanted to make it his home.

He has been investing in Bloomington real estate for over fifteen years and started Flying Fish so he could work with a team of individuals who are as committed to Bloomington as he is. They are focused on restoring Bloomington in a modern, efficient, and earth-friendly way.

Chris has a clear understanding of the local housing and residential investment market, property management, and construction. His strong sense of function and design are great attributes to all aspects of real estate. His education and background in Environmental Science make great compliments to any green real estate project, purchase, or sale.

Chris caters to buyers and sellers in residential, residential investment, and commercial real estate. Great service means he listens to clients about their needs and finds exactly what they are looking for. He wants to help people find or build their perfect home.